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Premium Finance Software

Software to help you effectively and efficiently manage your premium finance operation

Vehicle Service Contracts

A solution that seamlessly integrates dealers, clients and the service contract company

Factoring & Other Solutions

An integrated platform that is easily configured for business models that offer cash advances such as sales commission advances, realtor advances and project financing

Software that reduces workload through automation

The task of managing a portfolio of financed contracts increases significantly as the portfolio grows. By implementing a set of automated procedures that are supplemented by controls and cross checks, your organization can establish a framework for success and growth.

Start financing premiums today and grow your business

Starting and operating an in-house premium financing division is a common extension of the services offered by agencies and managing general agents. It is a natural step in an establishment’s growth. Learn how Third Eye Solutions can guide you through this process today!

Work with industry experts

Third Eye professionals are industry experts. Clients turn to us for consultations on legal issues, licensing, registration, feasibility assessments, operations management, tactical planning, and more. We can assist your senior management team in every aspect of operating a premium financing business.

Third Eye Solutions is right for your company

Third Eye Solutions is passionate about the growth of our clients, working closely with them to solve their business problems and help them grow their business. When you become a client, Third Eye Solutions becomes a valuable extension of your business and we work tirelessly to help grow your capabilities.